Beyond the Box Office Disclosure Policy

So this is what the FTC says:

“The FTC said Monday its commissioners voted 4-0 to approve [its] final Web guidelines, which had been expected. Violating the rules, which take effect Dec. 1, could bring fines up to $11,000 per violation. Bloggers or advertisers also could face injunctions and be ordered to reimburse consumers for financial losses stemming from inappropriate product reviews.

The commission stopped short of specifying how bloggers must disclose conflicts of interest. Rich Cleland, assistant director of the FTC’s advertising practices division, said the disclosure must be “clear and conspicuous,” no matter what form it will take.”

While all the established bloggers are complaining I am hoping that one day soon I will be able to tell you that I get movies to review for free or paraphernalia from filmmakers or books, but right now I am paying for everything I mention, but as soon as that is not the case, rest assured this page will be updated. Can’t wait!