All you ever wanted to know about online film distribution at SXSW 2011

In March 2011 at South by Southwest, one of the coolest film (and music and tech fests) in the U.S. I’d like to share in 60 minutes the essential points of the book I am authoring. I have submitted a panel – Beyond the Box Office: Distributing Your Film Online (I know, creative huh?)

What I hope to accomplish

This new world of distribution is ever-changing and while in general it’s pretty clear what the impact of these changes will be to large media corporations and content consumers it’s not always clear what the impact will be on independent content creators. What should you as an indie content creator be doing differently? If anyone can answer that question I believe this lineup of panelists can. Their expertise includes: filmmaking, distribution deals, online video, TV Everywhere, connected devices, search engine optimization and mobile marketing. They will provide you with the information you need to use the power of the internet to get people watching your film on their mobile devices, iPads, computers and set-top boxes.

The panelists I am hoping to snag
Ryan Lawler of GigaOm Ryan Lawler – He’s currently staff writer for GigaOm and NewTeeVee and can speak to the latest developments in online video, TV Everywhere and connected devices (like set top boxes and internet connected TVs).
Miles Maker Miles Maker – A filmmaker and self-described ‘new media maven’, Miles Maker experiments with cutting edge technology to market and distribute his films on a variety of platforms including mobile. He can share his hands-on experience as a filmmaker in this new world of film distribution
Orly Ravid Orly Ravid – She is the co-executive director of The Film Collaborative, a non-profit, full-service provider dedicated to the distribution of independent film. Orly can talk about online film distribution in the context of a larger distribution strategy for your film.
Larry Kless Larry Kless is a filmmaker and online video guru. Larry Kless is a filmmaker and online video guru. He blogs about online video publishing, streaming media, web television, startups, gadgets, social media, advertising, marketing and videoconferencing. He can speak to the technical requirements for distributing your film online.

If this sounds at all interesting to you please vote for it. (Or if even if it doesn’t vote for it anyway)