3 Crowdfunding Lessons for Filmmakers

Our friends over at the Sabi Pictures affectionately known as “Zak Forsman, Kevin Shah an ’em” are launching a brand new Kickstarter campaign for an intriguing looking film based on Forsman’s father’s adventures as a smuggler in the 1970s. If the first few days are any indication, this is sure to be funded. A true indie, Forsman are committed to ensuring other filmmakers are armed with the knowledge they need to get their films out. He does so as editor of the New Breed blog on The Workbook Project and by organizing LA screenings of works by fellow filmmakers under CINEFIST.

Here are 3 things to emulate from this campaign

  1. Include a video

    If you are a filmmaker this is a no-brainer. It’s your chance to show off your skills so I wouldn’t downplay this at all. Forsman’s is impeccable. You think to yourself if this what his campaign video looks like the movie’s sure to be awesome.

    Make it personal

    Granted, Zak has the added benefit of a story that’s inspired by his dad. Still, you get a chance to connect with the people you are asking to pledge in your bio and in the video. He does that in the video by looking at me. It may seem obvious but I have seen some campaign videos where they are shooting the side of the subject making it seem kind of impersonal. He also smiles, not a huge grin but I hadn’t seen any pictures up to this point that included Zak’s teeth so this also makes me feel more connected. Telling me how hard the actor has been working to prepare already coupled by stills to prove it is also a good emotional pull. I think, “Gee, since he’s already started I’d hate to see all that work go to waste.”

    Start with your list

    Though Zak and I are friends on Twitter, I am not on there nearly as much as I should be and consequently miss some things. Email is still the killer app. That’s how I found out about it. By letting his list know about his campaign he is not leaving it to chance that people will happen upon his website or Facebook page or Twitter stream. It’s a great way to let other people know about the campaign and spread the word. Even better if they are bloggers.

All right let, let me go actually donate now! On a side note,  is it just me or does the guy in the poster look like Robin Thicke?

See the video below.