Final Results for Online Film Distribution Book Title

All the votes have been counted and I think I am going to go ahead and close this survey. Thanks to everyone who voted! Below are the final results. See some of the title suggestions after the pie.

Beyond the Box Office has a creative bunch of readers. Here are some of the suggested titles.

  • Bigger than Cannes, screen your next film online
  • Download This! A Guide to Digital Distribution
  • Online Film Distribution 2.0
  • Beyond the Box Office: A Complete Guide to Online Film Distribution
  • “The Indie Filmmakers Guide to Digital Distribution”
  • Film Distribution 2.0
  • The Pocket Guide to Online Film Distribution
  • It’s not just for porn anymore Virtual box office
  • Reel 2.0 Show online for first time
  • Beginners guide to online film distribution
  • Independent filmmakers guide to online distribution
  • GIVE IT TO THEM NOW! The Complete Guide to Online and Digital Film Distribution (I think the redundancy is needed since some people might use the terms differently).
  • Beyond the Box Office’s Pocket Guide to Online Film Distribution
  • Distribution 3.0
  • Over The Top Distribution for the Savvy Filmmaker
  • DIY Distribution
  • Give It To Them Now! The complete guide to Online Film Distribution

So there you have it, the people have chosen

Beyond the Box Office’s Complete Guide to Online Film Distribution

What do you think?

The hope is to have this be a collaborative process. If you are interested in being a part of it, leave me your contact info below.