Freakonomics going to iTunes first, then theaters

Freakonomics Poster

Things like this make me smile. It shows that traditional windows are not just being shortened but completely rearranged and they should be. Just like there is no successful one size fits all marketing plan for a film, so too there is no one size all distribution plan. For the people behind Freakonomics at Magnolia Pictures that might mean taking it to theaters but only after an On Demand, Apple iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Amazon and Vudu on launch a month earlier. This isn’t the first time they have done it either. They will be repeating a strategy that they did with Centurion, starring Dominic West. It was made available on demand July 23, more than a month before it was to open in theaters. New York Times has a great article looking at the increasing tendency to use on Demand prior to theatrical release for distribution.

See the trailer for Freakonomics below. It’s in theaters October 1st, on Demand, iTunes, etc September 3rd.