How to Raise $10,000 in 48 hours for your film

This is cross-posted on Focal Press’ Mastering Film Blog. I received an email recently from Zak Forsman, tweep of mine, announcing his crowdfunding campaign for a film he is working on called Down and Dangerous. It’s based on his dad’s exploits as a drug smuggler. Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to raise funds for projects, with platforms like Kickstarter having funded over 10,0000 projects. Of those 10,000 the 2nd most successful type of campaign is for film and video, being narrowly beaten by music. I have been watching Zak’s campaign and was astounded by how much money was being pledged in a really short period of time. So I figured I’d ask him. Below is the outcome of that conversation.

FP: What made you decide to embark on a crowdfunding campaign for this film?

ZF: I had no choice, really.  We wanted a movie we could do this fall — something fun for our friends and fans.  I did not have the money to put up on my own so I looked to crowdfunding as a means to determine if there was a desire out there to see this from us, and to expand the awareness level around the project and to raise the budget by effectively pre-selling it in the form of HD downloads and DVDs to the audience.  That last one, I think, is not exactly how it’s playing out though.  I don’t think people are generally getting on board because of the tagline or synopsis or that they’ve been dying to see a crime thriller about a smuggler.  They are getting on board because they want to see me, the cast and everyone at The Sabi Company do something we are excited and enthusiastic about.

FP: Did you consider any other platforms besides Kickstarter? If so which ones and what made you decide on Kickstarter?

Read Zak’s answer and the rest of the interview here.

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