If you like Indie movies, Boxee’s got ‘em

As of August 25, Boxee has added a movie library. By downloading the latest version of the Boxee software, your Movie menu option is refreshed with content from MUBI (formerly known as The Auteurs), EZTakes, Indie Movies Online and Openfilm, all very independent film friendly sites. This is pretty exciting because prior to this it only searched your computer’s library of films.

Boxee, for those who don’t know, is media center software that runs on your computer and more recently, a set top box. The interface is really easy to use but truthfully I hadn’t had much use for when it didn’t have any movies. I look forward to many hours discovering cool films and not signing up for all of the aforementioned sites individually. Most of the movies being offered are free and some are ad-supported. According to GigaOM, They should have more premium content by the end of 2010. Do you use Boxee? Would you consider distributing your content on it?

Indie Movies Online