Jobs: People want ‘Hollywood’ movies

I cringed when I heard Steve Jobs say that during yesterday’s much anticipated Apple TV announcement. Now I am not sure if by Hollywood he was referring to quality or land of origin but I was a little concerned for Indie filmmakers when I heard it. Contrast this with Boxee’s more inclusive approach. He went on to say ‘They don’t want amateur hour’, which I found kind of interesting because for most that’s what YouTube is synonymous with and Apple TV has YouTube support.  All is not lost though, before I tell you why, let me tell you what was announced.

  • A new social network for music lovers called Ping that’s integrated into iTunes which means it’s on all the iTunes devices too including the phones.
  • A gang of updated iPods, including one that has Facetime and HD video recording and some fantastic photograph support.
  • An Apple TV update. Where what was updated was the price (now down to $99), its business model, rentals only no purchases, competitive pricing for these rentals and its selection of content which is only slightly better than it was before. It also supports NetFlix and YouTube.

What is puzzling some is why they didn’t base it on iOS. If they had it would have been much easier for you as an independent filmmaker to get your content on Apple TV. You would just create an app. But it’s not, so you can’t.

Like I said, all is not lost, here are your options for getting your content on Apple TV:

Work with a distributor or aggregator who can get your film on Netflix or iTunes (like Distribber or IndieFlix).

If you have serial content you don’t mind giving away add it as a video podcast in iTunes.

Are there any other ways I missed?

  • Yea, I wonder though, because his users also comprise a large community of artists who I would think would be more open to an experience beyond the Hollywood one, than an average consumer.

  • Steve is catering to a very specific community of users. HIS users–who pay for his proprietary products and want value for money. Steve has a good thing going! I agree with his assessment of his community but that’s about as far as it goes, and even those in his community want more than a Hollywood experience–maybe just not all over something they just paid a shitload of money for…