Online Film Distribution 101 – Download or Stream Your Movie – Part 2

This is a follow up to the previous post called Online Film Distribution 101 but with new entrants to the streaming market: WatchFilm, PreScreen, Constellation and FilmDIY. They each have a slightly different approach and here I just focus on what’s important.  I am eager to hear your thoughts on them, whether you’d consider using them or you have used them. 



A new entrant to the streaming video scene, WatchFilm is comparable to Dynamo and Distrify. They take a cut, have no monthly fee, seem to be focused on the UK as the currency they use when I looked at it last was Pounds Sterling. Of the four, WatchFilm takes the least as of this writing, in the neighbourhood of 25% I believe. The viewer sees a trailer of the film then can buy or rent  your film for 24 hours.  They also support iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.




Prescreen takes a slightly different tack. This was created by the founder of Groupon and you can see the influence.  Each film is up for 30 days. They start off on the first day with a lower price and encourage people to share with their friends to encourage sales. After the first day the price goes up. Upon signing up for an account some basic demographic information is collected. That information is shared with you the filmmaker to help you target your marketing after (or while for that matter) your film is up on the site. They take half of the proceeds.




Constellation employs the theater/ticket model Tribeca Film Festival has been using for their streaming films. A viewer can wait for particular show times. They purchase a ticket for a particular show time and watch the film streaming at the Constellation site at the same time. Typically films are hosted virtually by someone attached to the film: a director or actor. A viewer also has the option of watching it immediately. There’s a lot of social integration with Facebook and Twitter to encourage viewers to share what they are watching. It doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad but on the site it says it’s coming soon.



They have an embeddable player. They use PayPal for payments and also house a library on their site. You can create a mini-site hosted by them for your film. They do a 70/30 split with no upfront fee.. You can make your film available for rent or download  and it will be viewable on iPhone and iPad. They also have a Facebook app so you can sell your film there too. From their site:

We provide special solutions for your marketing and distribution needs.

filmDIY helps you create your own Subscription Services, Bundle solutions,

Dedicated Website for all your films, Rentals VOD, Download to own, Discount codes, and much more,

No extra charge.


So what do you think? Would you/have you used them?

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  • I only know what I read here, but DIY grabbed my first interest. I think PayPal for payments and the Mac compatibility was what I connected with most. I also want people to be able to download.

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