Questioning Copyright

I am preparing for an interview with Nina Paley this coming Monday. I'd like to use a Sita Sings the Blues as a case study for the book I am working on that tentatively shares the name of this blog. Awesome movie and ick kass music by the way. A trailer for it is below.

I have interviewed two lawyers so far for the book to look at legal issues and online film distribution and am kind of kicking myself for not having found Nina sooner because my interview questions would have been a lot more interesting!
Looking at how she is distributing the film inevitably leads you to, where she is an artist-in-residence. I am pretty skeptical as I first get into the 'Copyright is Evil' treatise by Danny Colligan at the site until I come across this article at NewTeeVeeLive that says Association for Information and Media Equipment (AIME) is threatening to sue UCLA if it doesn't stop streaming its videos as a part of its course web sites. Ouch! It's bad enough students have to pay inordinate amounts of money for their textbooks only to make a tenth of it back. Let's not talk about the tuition hikes in the UC system and now the argument for doing away with copyright law altogether is growing teeth. Big ones.
I definitely have been bitten by copyright issues. I bought an e-book and had to buy it again when the software to read it required an upgrade and I wanted to read on my laptop instead of the desktop machine I had downloaded it to and back in the Napster days I did take issue someone telling me whether or not I could share something that I paid for.
Anyway, I'll likely ask Nina's opinion about this case on Monday. What do you think?