Promote your film with a Facebook quiz

This is the 2nd in the Facebook for Film Promotion Series. Creating a Facebook quiz is a fun and cheap way to keep your film in the minds of your potential audience. In this post I'll talk about the 3 simple steps to create your own Facebook quiz.

Think of a Theme

The first thing you would do is think of a hook in your film upon which to base the quiz. Let's say you have 4 main characters in your film. You could have a 'Which character are you?' quiz. If you had a film about chocolate you could have a 'What kind of chocolate dessert are you?' quiz.  Seriously. These are the kinds of quizzes there are on Facebook and people have fun doing them.

Create the Quiz

You'll want to do a Facebook search to see which quiz-making app you want to use. This is what showed up when I did it.

A Facebook app search for 'quiz maker'

Select one and follow the steps. If it's your first time just use the simplest one you can and don't be afraid to experiment. Most quizzes are highly customizable so you can give audience a sneak peek of your film by incorporating stills from it. At the end, ensure you have a call to action like directing them to a coupon for 10% a DVD, digital download or merchandise from your film. In most quiz-making applications there will automatically be the option for the quiz-taker to do the next step.

Share it

One of the best places to promote your quiz would be among your own friends on Facebook and on your Facebook Fan Page. See the previous post in this series for more info on that. Quizzes become viral when the results are published in a newsfeed. People see that their friends have taken the quiz or may be invited to take the quiz and it spreads, promoting your film in a powerful way that doesn't seem too sales-y.
Between quizzes and fan pages you have very powerful ways to connect with your potential audience and promote your film on Facebook. Be sure to check Part 1 of this series which covers fan pages.