Dynamo: An embeddable video and micropayment system

I had a great time at The Conversation held in New York on March 27. The only downside of the event was that there were way too many breakout sessions to choose from. Most of them would have done well to be have been their own main sessions.
While hordes of people were trying to get into the Social Media consults, a few people were in room 330 with me, to find out what the Big Ideas for the Future are in a set of 10 mins presos moderated by IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen. One of them that stuck out most to me (probably because there was a demo) was Dynamo: a video player with a built-in micropayment system.

That's right folks. the issue that is on the minds of so many indie filmmakers, monetization, was addressed to a crowd of about ... nine? Oh well.
Fresh from their SXSW debut, Dynamo COO Will Coghan uploaded  video of an earlier session at The Conversation to Dynamo's hosted servers. During the demo, he embedded  the video on a freshly made Blogger site and hit play. When he did, an embedded pop-up (like the ads you see on YouTube vids) asked you to pay 25 cents to see it.  You have the option of using PayPal or paying by credit card through a Dynamo account.
Will sat in on a lunch breakout session I co-hosted with my collaborator Simone Nelson. There he told us he and his partner created this on-demand video rental platform because they were having a hard time making money from their webisodes solely from ads. There was nothing out there that would do this for them so they built it themselves.
How you make money: Content creators set the price for their video clip.  You keep 70%
How they make money: Dynamo takes 30% of your price
If you are interested sign up for a beta. Note, I did this on the 3rd of April or thereabouts and haven't actually got the info to use it yet. So instantaneous it's not.
Do you think this might be useful to you? If so, how? Would you stream your film from your own website?