What Google’s Chrome web store means for independent filmmakers

Googlers realized that web application developers were plagued with two problems: discovery and monetization. You see with the plethora of web applications out there it's really hard for developers to have their really good applications discovered, worse, besides littering them with ads, it's hard to find a monetization model that works, because people are used to using web applications for free. Sound familiar?
Enter the Chrome Web Store. A place to download (and pay for) applications that run on a browser. Google wants to collect premium web applications in one place, have a consumer see ratings and reviews, much like iTunes does for movies, Amazon does for books, Apple app store does for iPhone/iPad apps. As we all know, Google's greatest strength is search so finding good applications is likely very easy. You know, good applications like your awesome movie packaged as a web app, enhanced with the capabilities of the coolest mashups. Or maybe an online game related to your film. According to the speaker, games are the most popular type of application on any app store.
So how do you get in? The details are very sketchy right now, but if it's anything like their Android app store it's completely open and anyone can put anything up. On the Android app store they tend to be more reactive, pulling down a harmful app after the fact.
It has one obvious advantage over your film as a YouTube rental,  psychologically consumers are used to paying for apps from an app store,  while  they are not used to paying to watch videos on YouTube. It's too early to tell whether or not this  will take off and Chrome Web Store will be the go-to place for web apps but this announcement definitely warrants cozying up to an application developer. What do you think?