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The Comedy Box Office King

Spring is a time for film studios to roll out their films that don’t fit in as perfectly as summer blockbusters and in fact with the more dramatic fare of fall. This means that there will be a lot of family films and comedy releases around this time, each of which will go on to top the box office. 

There have been some big earners in the comedy genre lately, though there was a huge surprise. Actress Melissa McCarthy’s career has really taken off in the last two years, as she went from well-rated sitcom “Mike and Molly” to a film star in just a few months. 

Somewhere in between, she managed to earn an Emmy for her work on the sitcom and hosted “Saturday Night Live”, for which she received glowing reviews. Those who made this prediction were right on both counts, as the film grossed $ 47 million in its opening week, surpassing all other films released at the same time.

 In its second week, it fell about 32 percent to a total tally of about $ 80 million over two weeks. This is actually a very small decline for comedy, which earns half or less in the second week of release than the regular first week. In the Universal-released film, McCarthy plays a little-known, unwelcome and lonely woman named Diana who steals the identity of Sandy (Jason Bateman), a lighthearted accountant who is now trying to buy a house. 

His wife Trish (Amanda Pete) is expecting their second child. They have moved out of their current home, and Sandy is counting on a move to a new job and paying to qualify for a new home in the resulting collision.