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A Guide To Installation of Granite Countertop

Granite tiles can be used for kitchen floors, backsplash as well as the countertop. The installation process of the granite countertop is as follows:

Designing Process –

Choose a design first. Work on the new design of your kitchen. Decide and outline where will be the counter, cabinets, and sink; which areas will get backsplash; which color, pattern, or shade will be there on the floor, wall, and countertop. What will be the color of the border and corners; etc. should be your top considerations. You can take guidance for countertop installation from

Choosing the Tile –

Once you have created an outline of how your kitchen will look post this project, you will need to find a tile supplier in your area. If you are okay with the idea of online shopping, you can go with that. Always check the testimonials and reviews of the seller before buying. 

Installation – 

Granite tiles are strong and heavy. That’s why you will need to give them a solid, stable, and even substrate. Use a good quality thin-set to fix tiles to the surface. Fill spaces and joints with grout. 

Installing granite tiles by yourself is not recommended, as these tiles are very heavy and there may be a requirement to cut them, which should only be done with the help of approved tools.

That’s how you redesign your kitchen. Installation should be a professional’s job, however, designing your kitchen and ensuring that quality products are your job.