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About Online Counseling in Dublin

Online counseling is a relatively new therapeutic offering. There are many advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy sessions offered in almost every community.  As technology evolves, so does online counseling, evolving from simple email-based therapeutic communications to chats, computer-to-computer telephone sessions, and even webcam-based live video sessions. Online counseling obviously relies on computers and the Internet. You can also find the best online counseling services in Dublin via

Online counseling is also dependent on the ISP because a computer connected to the internet is of no use if it is not connected to a telephone or cable line. With the cost of high-end computing continuing to fall and connectivity costs so low, more and more people are getting online. 

This article outlines some of the pros and cons of online counselling, also known as e-therapy or distance learning. But first a little about how it works.

In basic online counseling, clients write down their concerns, whatever they may be, and email the information to an online counselor or therapist, who then responds within a day or two. This is usually considered a session. Fee structures vary; However, online sessions usually cost between $30 and $50. Chat and phone sessions are usually available for $1.00/minute.


The biggest benefit of online counseling is its convenience. Traditional therapy requires clients to go to the office. Meetings usually take place during business hours, which means quitting your job, driving to another location in town, finding a parking space, attending the meeting, and then returning to work. Although therapy sessions may last as little as 50 minutes, the total time can be several hours or more. Online counseling is done from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. With available wireless technology, online counseling can be done almost anywhere.

Online consultation emails can be read and reread, allowing for review weeks or even months after the actual session.