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Acting Lessons: Solo Exercises

Acting is more than just pretending. This requires observation, focus, and a thorough knowledge of the character. If you have just signed up for our acting program, you will find that the art of acting is much more complex than you previously thought. You can also find the best adult acting classes online.

Below are some one-on-one exercises that will help you learn how to better participate in your acting class.

Observe And Explain

Go to a park, mall, or public area. There, pick a complete stranger and watch that person for a few minutes. After observing, try to describe this person's behavior. Are you standing, walking, or sitting? How do you think he felt? For now, try to describe this person in simple terms. You can observe his appearance, his clothes, etc.

Once you have it, go a little deeper. Why is this man dressed like this? What do you think this man is you? Try to find visual cues and nuances to support your observations. This exercise deals with behavior. This is because actions are behavior. If you are good at reading other people's thoughts, words, and actions, you will likely be able to respond better.

Concentration circle

In this exercise, you need to choose a place – anywhere. Sit and sit comfortably. Then imagine that there is a ball about ten feet in diameter around you. During the next few minutes, you should concentrate on objects that are only in this area.

What is this thing? How do you see, taste, or smell? Are they heavy or light, soft or rough, etc? As you continue to do this exercise, try to enlarge the ball.

Focus on this object only. Your thoughts and ideas must also be parallel to those in the field. Don't worry if your attention goes beyond the circle. Gently move your focus back.

What's important here is your concentration. See, as an actor, you have to accept stimulation as your character, not you. Simply put, you need to look at what your character sees, feels, and hears, and so on.