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All About St. Catharines Domestic Assault Lawyers

Assault in criminal law is to hurt someone, and that includes violence. It can be called not only violence but also crimes that deal with physical torture on the contrary. This depends on the laws of the country concerned and violations will be penalized according to the jurisdiction of that country. 

In most countries, any illegal physical assault is called a caning, and the distinction may not exist in all jurisdictions. The nature of attacks can be voluntary or involuntary. The difference here is that accidentally injuring another person while an investigation is being carried out does not count as hitting on purpose. 

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Another type of physical assault is serious bodily harm, and it is a crime under the law to physically injure another person during kidnapping, by engaging in illegal activity, injuring someone with a lethal weapon, and so on. This type of grievous bodily injury is considered a felony and is a very serious crime that is sure to result in imprisonment and other similarly severe penalties.

For an unplanned attack, where you face court costs for medical and other legal fees, there is a high chance that you will fall into a trap. 

To deal with such situations, a lawyer is very useful. An attorney can give you the best legal advice and help you avoid being prosecuted on other grounds for an unintentional crime. Lawyers are also your best advocates for proving your innocence after being charged with assault.