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ATV Light Bar – Features to consider

Riding ATVs during the night or on cloudy days can be somewhat of a challenge. The limited amount of light during the night can affect visibility and lead to a world of problems. For those who need to drive an ATV during these conditions, there is a simple and inexpensive attachment that they can add to their ATV. It's called a light bar and is the best thing you can have if you need more visibility during the night.

An ATV light bar is an attachment that can be installed on any ATV or offroader with a minimum effort. Most light bars use LEDs, so there is no chance that they will drain the battery when stationed.

Features to look for in ATV Light Bars


Most ATVs are left outside so the light bars need to be waterproof and withstand rain and snow and all the conditions from outside. When you look for a light bar to install on your ATV, be sure to check it's waterproof or marine rated. These waterproof led lights for ATV from will still function even if left outside during heavy rain.


While LED light bars are the most common on the market, you can still find bars with old light bulbs that require lots of electricity.

Must have a cooling fan

A cooling fan is a feature that should not miss from any light bar. LED light bars tend to overheat and in the absence of a cooling fan, most probably they will burn or melt.