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Brazilian Wax Tips For Girls

Every girl can choose to do whatever she wants with her hair, get rid of it if you are not comfortable with it. Waxing is great because it makes your skin much smoother for a long time and removes hair. Here are some tips for you while you go for Waxing in Hong Kong:

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1. If you have delicate skin and you are going to wax for the first time then, ask your esthetician for a cold compress. There may be soothing rosewater that can be applied on your asking after waxing to make your skin cooler and smoother.

2. Shaving your hair makes them coming back. You must be committed to waxing after the first time. When you begin to regrow hair, it will not grow back as thick, which means waxing will be much less painful for the next time.

3. You probably will not get a perfect full toe or Brazilian wax in Hong Kong except you go to a salon. Still, at-home strips can be great for small areas of your face such as the chin and lips. Heat the strip with a blow dryer to the ideal temperature.

4. Fragrance products contain alcohol, which can dry out and irritate your skin and make it even peel, so avoid using them.

5. You are super sensitive about five days before your period through to the end. Avoid any and all waxing these days if possible. After this period, you will be fine – in fact, the woman's pain tolerance highs around three to four days after menstruation