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Can You Get Addicted To Weed?

Marijuana has been throughout for a very long time, from the ancient world through every age of man to our modern period the cannabis plant has played a major role in drug-taking legal and illegal. Can you get addicted to weed through? With all this data from thousands of years of drug-taking and our scientific knowledge and studies, it should be well known and published, right? You can also buy weed edibles online via

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Well, it might seem this simple but marijuana use is a highly charged issue politically and so the truth has been twisted, twisted again, rewritten, translated, and then what you end up with comes out rather skewed depending on the bias of the person you are talking to so let me be straight up and give you my bias.

We believe that addiction to marijuana can destroy people's lives and they are better off without it.

Right, that's that then. However, we are not going to say that weed is the devil's plant and drives you to psychotic episodes and hooks you like methamphetamines because it does not! Marijuana is not a physically addictive drug like many other harder drugs, it has properties within it that create a high but it does not cause extreme physical cravings like nicotine and so forth.

This is where the line gets fuzzy for some because there are people who seem to be unable to function without a bong hit, the reason for this is that you can become psychologically addicted to weed. This means that you crave the drug because you want it not need it like it was food or water as it feels for some other drugs.