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Choosing The Shape And Mounting Of Your Kitchen Sink

The first thing to consider when choosing your sink is space. This may seem obvious, but it is at the root of almost every decision about your kitchen. 

However, with a little thought, you can maximize your space without sacrificing appearance or quality. You can also look for the 7 inch kitchen washbasins through the web.

Kitchen Sinks

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A sink is just a square bowl that you use to wash things, but with a little thought, it can be both beautiful and functional.

As part of the sink construction, you can have a sewer line, a double sink, and of course, you need to put the faucet in half. A popular layout in larger kitchens now is two large bowls with a smaller one in the middle for the trash can. 

The first thing to consider – round or square? The square is much more space-efficient and can be the only neat-looking shape in your kitchen. 

This might seem a bit useful for some kitchen concepts, and an oval or round sink would do just fine for them. There are also other exotic shapes out there, have a good look on the internet for inspiration.

The most popular installation today is the "under installation", where the sink is tied under the countertop. This installation is common on modern stainless steel bathtubs and stone countertops, creating a smooth surface at the same height that allows easy cleaning.