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CNC Metal Cutting in Sydney

There are a variety of different CNC machines that offer the ability to cut metal. You can use lathes, plasma, and even cutters. The machine you choose to use will depend solely on the work to be performed, the job specifications and diagrams, and the type of material to be used. Some machines are better with different types of materials.

For example, a lathe can cut brass, but what about 6-inch steel? As you can see, there are differences in the capabilities of the machine and what kind of materials can be used to get the job done to the correct specifications. CNC cutting machines offer the ability to cut metal with heat. You can hire this CNC cutting service via to cut various types of metal.

CNC machines offer more precise cutting than by hand. Large, repetitive projects can be produced in less time. Plasma cutters are usually available as portable devices or as stationary devices. CNC waterjet cutting is just another form of metal production machining that can provide precise and detailed cuts.

CNC laser cutting machines offer customers different forms of cutting or metalworking. This machine creates what is known as a "kneading" part because the machine leaves a small piece of metal that connects each piece that is cut. After the entire piece of material has been used, one must either manually shuffle the sheets to make individual pieces detach from the large sheet, or use a rubber mallet to loosen the joints.

The use of nitrogen and oxygen in laser cutting machines can ensure that the parts are smooth, professional and that there are no metal lumps left after processing. CNC laser cutting offers exceptional accuracy and cost-effectiveness for any project.