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Concrete Floor Heating: An Effective Non-Conventional Method Of Space Heating

Concrete floor heating is an alternative way of heating that can provide an inviting floor as well as unobtrusive space heating that provides the highest levels of safety, comfort in indoor and outdoor air quality for the residents. Installing concrete floor heating provides many benefits for homeowners.

Contrary to traditional heating systems, that tend to be regionalized and can cause hot spots, cold and drafty areas The warm floor heats the entire space and is perfect for finishing like floor tiles that are polished.

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A heated concrete floor due to its radiant output allows for the comfort of living at a lower temperature of air than conventional systems of heating by air. It is among the most basic forms of heating for space use, offering the same, uniform heating.

Concrete slabs are heated through embedding electric elements or pipes which are circulated by heated liquid (known as hydronic system) inside the concrete slab, or by topping screed. The off-peak heating costs for domestic homes can be a significant source of savings for the homeowner , if the power source is electricity for both types of system.

Concrete floors for heating are best for buildings with solid construction, where the external walls as well as internal walls contain a significant thermal mass (i.e. brick, concrete blocks, or brick walls).

These materials, along with the concrete flooring, act as a heat storage or reservoir for the heat. This approach is beneficial in homes with lighter construction like brick veneers, provided the building is insulated with sufficient insulation.