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Creating A Functional Bathroom For Disabled

Whether someone in your life has a disability that makes using a normal bathroom difficult or they're getting older. Also, they are struggling with their mobility, an inclusive and functional disabled restroom can help to make their lives easier.

Whether you contact and hire a unique bathroom company that specializes in creating this type of room or purchase the fittings directly from a bathroom showroom, there are plenty of options to create a functional room that is just as stylish as a regular bathroom.

Disabled bathrooms, whether for commercial or domestic use, are typically seen as clinical, institutionalized rooms with white fittings and large handles that don't require a unique bathroom company to install and style. However, this should not be the norm. There are plenty of ways that the unique bathroom company you choose to work with can create a forward-thinking, functional bathroom to accommodate different needs.

One of the most limiting factors that you may encounter in space, which is something that your unique bathroom company won't really be able to help you with.

Having a large area for a person with disabilities to maneuver in is ideal, especially if they require the use of a wheelchair. Whilst you cannot add extra space to your room without knocking down walls, there are ways that the unique bathroom company you have chosen can help you to make the most of the space that you do have.

This may include transforming the bathroom area into a full wetroom, complete with waterproofed flooring and walls which can make an open plan area for washing. Alternatively, if you visit a bathroom showroom, you should be able to find specialist, slim-line facilities, designed to fit perfectly in smaller bathrooms.