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Effective Means To Protect Against Security Violations

Hitech regulation recently introduced placing several teeth into the familiar framework of HIPAA. Health care organizations are required to express violations of patients' privacy to their patients. In some of the cases, notifications for health secretaries and human services are needed. The HITECH and HIPAA compliance provide effective means against security breaches. 

In most cases, security violations (successful hacking into the system, disk loss of unencrypted laptop computers containing patient data that can be identified), also imply privacy violations, but the opposite is not true. Find more information about how you can protect your privacy on Simplified Healthcare Claims Exchange by CXC Solutions.

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Privacy violations occur when users are authenticated and officially correctly see the patient's notes that they do not have a business that sees at least not when they see it. For example, a doctor took a record of celebrities, athletes, their neighboring children, etc. to review information even though they did not treat patients at that time. 

This is a violation of privacy that might have to be revealed under Hitech. The same user may have legitimate reasons to attract the same record and review the same information a week later when patients come to visit, in this case, access will not be a violation of privacy.  Preventing security violations can be achieved through the authentication of two factors in the workstation, terminal locking to prevent improper data display, and other authentication and authorization approach for clinical users and database administrators, which sometimes direct access to raw data.