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Essential Car Safety – Inspecting Brake Pads And Rotors In Edmonton

Inspecting the brake pads and rotors on your vehicle is essential, and one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your vehicle is safe. Front brakes do most of the stopping and tend to wear out about twice as fast as the rear pads.

That doesn't mean you can skip checking the rear triangle, which you should pay close attention to on these brakes twice a year! To know more about brake pads, you can also browse

Check your rotors first. Remove the tire so you can easily see all the parts. Then look at the rotor. It is a circular disc braked to stop the car. It should shine from the inside to the outside.

Don't worry, if you can see a few lines in it, it's normal wear and tears. However, if the disc has rough spots or obvious grooves, you will need to replace the rotor. This is usually an easy process and the rotors are not very expensive.

This is a better choice than "twisting" the rotor (redesigned by the machine shop) because rotating the rotor removes metal, making the rotor slightly thinner. Brake discs should always be replaced in pairs to ensure even braking, a huge safety factor.

If the tires are still removed, check each brake pad. You will see brake pads on each side of the rotor. If you follow the surface of the disc up, you will see the outer pads touching the disc. If there is 1/8" or less left on the bearings, you will need new bearings.

There are several types of bearings that you can get and your budget can dictate your choice but if you are looking for the best combination of braking properties then ceramic bearings should be your choice. They are usually more expensive than semi-metallic bearings but perform better in many ways.