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Factors Influencing Your Digital Transformation Test Strategy

Digital transformation involves connecting all of a company's systems and processes to achieve multiple outcomes, including faster decision making. This is due to increasing internet connectivity and the proliferation of digital technology. Digital transformation has resulted in many new-age companies being flexible, weak, focused, and results-oriented. To compete with such startups, companies saddled with old systems and accustomed to traditional approaches must change.

While digital transformation services from aim to realign systems, processes, and stakeholders within an organization, they are also vulnerable to risk. In addition, as digital transformation services aim to reduce time to market for products and services, quality often declines. This often leads to product failure that meets customer expectations. 

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Factors influencing testing strategy for digital transformation


Security is probably the single biggest factor affecting the digital testing of a product software. It covers aspects such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, risk assessment, and security audits. Testers use automated software to identify weak points in a system or product. 


Software systems that enable digital transformation should be tested to determine the extent to which some of their functions can be performed continuously. These include performance tests, load tests, and regressions.


Changes in business dynamics require company flexibility. Flexibility should consist of expanding the capacity of your systems and processes to meet all future requirements. The selected test strategy should verify the scalability aspect of the system.


The success of the testing strategy depends on the expertise of the test team. The testing strategy should take this aspect into account, along with training needs and efforts.