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Factors To Consider When Starting Your Business In Australia

Australia offers a wealth of business opportunities in resources and energy; digital technologies; agribusiness and food; health; and infrastructure.

Once your visa is lodged, you may begin setting up your new business. In setting up a new business, you will ideally hold 100% shares of your business. You are also able to establish a discretionary trust and assign your new company as the corporate trustee of your family trust. The corporate trustee company (Pty Ltd) would be the start-up company used for operation for goods and services in line with your Business Innovation Visa requirements. You can get business innovation stream visa in Australia via Mygration.

Employer Sponsored Visas Australia


Following are the factors you should consider when setting up your business:

  • Company registrations and all Tax registrations for accounting fees

  • Digital & Marketing

  • Government licensing and registration (specific to industry)

  • Lease for premises/facilities

  • Materials and Equipment office furniture hire /purchase

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Website Development

  • Other IT (security/software etc.)

  • Recruiting team

  • Legal Fees

  • WHS procedures in accordance with Australian state government legislation

  • During our initial consultation, we will elaborate further on New Business Processes and Investment opportunities in Australia

These are some of the factors you need to consider if you wish to set up a business in Australia. Setting up a new business as a new migrant in Australia can be challenging when arriving to a new country, many business owners have opted to obtain a substantial ownership interest in an existing business in Australia and actively participate in that business at a senior management level.