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Flyer Design Ideas And Some Tips To Avoid Mistakes In Cork

Flyers are extremely cost-effective and efficient for promoting your product, brand, or event. This makes them very attractive for businesses that have a limited budget when targeting a specific regional audience.  

Flyer design ideas and mistakes to avoid

These flyer design tips should help you avoid the most common mistakes we saw in flyer design. However, you can get your printing done from the professional printing services in Cork for eye-catching flyer printing. There is no one recipe that is sure to work, but there are flyer design principles that you can follow to get a good result. 

1. Dull Headline

It’s natural to want headlines on a flyer to be factual or shout out something about your company. Perhaps simply your name. This approach will most likely fail to grab a reader’s attention and a customer will not even read the rest. 

Consider titling your flyer with the benefit of being your customer. For example, if you’re a delivery service, something like “Bringing you what you need, so you can focus on what’s important.” will most likely have a better impact.

2. Lifeless Lists

Everyone makes lists. And what consumer doesn’t like a list of products or services to choose from? The question is – why would they be interested in spending time to get to know what you have to offer in the first place? Why would a stranger who has never heard of you give you a chance?

One of the most useful flyer design tips we have is to make an effort to describe the problem(s) you’re solving. You want this to be as unique as possible. Reading this should help a potential customer distinguish you from your competition.