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Foods To Avoid If You Are Dealing With Cancer

We are what we eat, the state of our health-related to the food we eat every day. The reason there is so much cancer today is that our food has changed over the 40 to 50 years.

All cancers have many causes, but it is the food that we eat which is the main cause. Today most of the food in western countries is in supermarkets and most of the food that has been processed or harassed by humans. As there are many cancers that happen to people such as stomach cancer. To treat this problem, doctors recommend people to follow proper Abdominal Cancer Lawsuits for adequate treatment without facing any kind of side effects.

Cancer and Diet 101: How What You Eat Can Influence Cancer

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Food additives, while this is not all bad but still there are two elements that need to be avoided such as sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. They were in bacon, hot dogs, ham, salami, and other processed meats, which are used to help maintain the color of the meat so that it looks pink and not gray. 

Cooking food by smoke is a cause of cancer like smoke disrupt our digestive system and can lead to cancer of the stomach and colon. Pickled food also has been suspected to cause cancer may be due to the high amount of salt used in the process. Research has linked pickled foods with a higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

Acryl amide formed when starchy foods such as crisps and chips heated to high temperatures by frying, roasting or grilling to turn golden brown. They are also suspected of causing cancer. The meat when cooked in a hot pan or on the barbecue and generates heterocyclic amines has been found to be carcinogenic.