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Guardianship Of A Parent: Elder Law Attorneys Can Help You Establish Boundaries

It is never easy to ask for the guardianship of one or both of your elderly parents, but there are many times when you have to do so because your father can no longer take care of himself or make sound financial decisions. In either case, senior law attorneys can help you set limits that are appropriate while providing the extra supervision and care your loved one now needs.

But what kind of guardianship is there? Can you apply to be a tutor and at the same time give it some autonomy? Aging attorneys can help you determine which path is best for your loved one and family. You can hire a guardianship attorney in Arizona through

Talk to a guardianship attorney

A guardianship attorney will explain the complexities of being a guardian and help you decide if you need to have power over that person or their estate. If you obtain guardianship of the person, you will be responsible for making medical decisions, ensuring that the person is safe, dressed appropriately, and taking care of herself.

On the other hand, controlling their wealth means that you will make money decisions for them, including paying bills, making purchases, and determining what is best for them financially.

Encourage their participation

A guardianship attorney will tell you that the transition period can be extremely difficult if you do not handle your new position concerning your parent or loved one with dignity and respect. Be sure to include your parents in any decision you need to make, like choosing an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

You can certainly narrow down the options to three or four locations that fit the property's budget and your own sense of what your parents need but make sure your parents visit each one and add their own opinions. If you force them to go somewhere they don't like, neither of you will be happy.