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Guide To The CEQA Report Initial Study Checklist

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a California law passed in 1970 after the government passed the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  You can also get more information about the CEQA report via

 Guide To The CEQA Report Initial Study Checklist

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This section describes hydrology (ie drainage and flooding) and water quality. In order to determine the scope of questions posed in the first CEQA checklist report, it is helpful to know some information about hydrology and water quality.


Hydrology deals with surface drainage and flooding.

Surface drainage

Surface water flows are first treated locally by the city or district through a drainage system (e.g. gutters, downspouts, drainage pipes, etc.). When surface water collects, it is fed into larger systems which are usually handled by district flood protection areas or similar locations.

flood-Floods address flood risk because they refer to areas or areas at risk of flooding, dam or dam damage, as well as flooding from an earthquake, tsunami, or landslide. The impacts of flooding can be local and affect the environment or community, or it can be very large and affect entire river basins.

Water quality

The Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act is the basic law governing water quality in California. This Statute establishes the State Council for Regional Water Control and nine (9) Regional Councils for Water Quality Control, which are tasked with implementing its provisions.