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How God Is Preparing Israel for the Return of Christ?

Believing in God is increasing in Israel. More than 80 percent of Israeli Jews believe in God, as found from the survey by the Guttman-Avi Chai Foundation. The same survey also found that more than 70 percent of Israeli Jews accepted the biblical principle that Jews had been "chosen" by God for certain prophetic destiny. 

In addition, the statistics provided by Google showed the search for Israel for Jesus more than 25,000 times per month. They did it, not with the name "Jesus," but with Hebrew equivalents, "Yeshua," which makes this fact even more interesting. Because it shows that they are not looking for Jesus America; Instead, they are looking for Hebrew Jesus.

This spiritual interest among Israeli Jews has never happened before. Since the Jews won his modern position in 1948, never showed interest in belief in God or pursuing information in Hebrew Jesus. You can read more about the bible statistics online at

The Bible - HISTORY

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Along with this spiritual phenomenon, there is another interesting movement from Jesus in Israel. They have developed towards political conservatism. While this second movement is not attractive as the first, the political survey has shown significant evolution to political rights for Israeli Jews over the past ten years.

Integrating this amazing development, while comparing them with Bible prophecies to end, we can see God preparing Israel for the return of Christ in a pleasant way. I have shown in my book, Apocalypse 2012: the end of the clock at the end of the Bible?, That Jewish groups in Israel have prepared the rebuilding Jewish Times Temple, which will be rebuilt with the next seven-year agreement with Israel.