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Know More About Judaica Fine Art In Israel

For more than 25 years, many artists are creating Judaica Paintings / Jewish paintings that portray the Jewish people, religious places, and objects that are close to their hearts.  People, places, and objects are featured in three categories on many websites – Israeli paintings, still lifes, and portraits.

Whether still alive with sacred objects from Jewish tradition and Jewish holidays or scenes depicting the people and places of the Holy Land of Israel, the artists enrich the viewer's gaze with the meaningful realism that arrives at home.

There are many companies available that provide beautiful Jewish art online. If you are looking to get the best Jewish artwork, you can easily check out Judaica art prints via

This beautiful portrait can be ordered. Many paintings are available online. They offer beautiful artistic prints on canvas, paper, or the latest acrylic paintings.

All paintings come directly from the artist with a certificate of authenticity. In addition to hanging paintings to brighten up the home, the artwork is printed on invitations for Bar Mitzvahs and bench covers. 

Judaica Fine Art also offers special incentives for those wishing to sponsor beautiful paintings, for individuals or groups who have completed a month or are studying.

Each painting is beautifully framed with a stunning plaque bearing the name of the mesayim, the completed mesechta, and the date it was completed. Each painting includes the artist's signature for authenticity. With pictures at home, children and grandchildren will see the importance of studying Torah for their families.