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Know More About The Importance of Face Shields

Face shields are plastic coverings used to protect the face by blocking droplets generated by breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Although COVID-19 is known to be somewhat airborne, these particles are responsible for the majority of viral transmission, so masks and face shields are essential to stop the spread of this virus. 

Face shields are most effective when worn in conjunction with a mask, with the shield serving as a barrier for larger and moisture aerosol particles such as those output in a cough or sneeze. Hence, it is important that you must buy the best face shields through

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This protection is especially important for essential workers who are exposed to potential positive cases at close distances or for prolonged periods of time.

Face shields aren’t limited to just essential workers, however, and can be used by the rest of the population. Since they are affordable and reusable, they are especially useful for filling PPE shortages.

These shields stop airborne particles from reaching the face, including the eyes, which are often left unprotected by other means of PPE. They also limit face touching, so wearers don’t transfer viral particles to the face, where they can quickly enter the body.

These face shields can be safely sanitized, so a single shield can provide continued protection.