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Latest Air Duct Panel Options

In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, air duct panels are used to extract and distribute air. It would be difficult to attain thermal comfort and ensure that you had adequate quality air for your indoor environment without a robust duct system. 

Several designs have been utilized to construct ductwork over the years with the goal of enhancing thermal efficiency and the quality of air that passes through them. One can get more insights about the advanced duct systems via

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The most recently produced alternatives are listed below:

Phenolic foam (pre-insulated)

Phenolic foam is given first preference because of some practical factors such as cost and functionality. Additionally, Phenolic foam is lighter than aluminum or galvanized steel.

Ducts made of fiberglass

Due to its exceptional qualities, fiberglass ductwork is considered the most advanced alternative. For one, they have built-in thermal insulation. This is by far the greatest option, but it is not the most popular, as it is the most expensive duct.

Ducts made of polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam ductwork is similar to phenolic ductwork, however, instead of phenolic foam, polyurethane foam is utilized. It's worth noting that both polyurethane and phenolic panels feature factory-lagged metal facings on both sides. 

Polyurethane and phenolic foam air duct panels have been the most preferred solution for both commercial and residential house applications due to their lightweight properties and low prices.