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Learn About Different Types Of Rugs

We all know how much difference a living room rug can make by enhancing its beauty and accentuating certain areas. But what type of rug should you choose? What are the different types?

When it comes to carpets, there are plenty of options – if that's what you're looking for, you'll be spoiled for choice. You can also look for the best tribal print rug via

tribal print rug

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Carpets can be categorized according to their origin or the materials used. Check out several types of rugs to choose from if you want to get a rug to freshen up your home.

Do you prefer handmade oriental rugs or simple machine-made rugs? Oriental rugs, usually from Iran, India, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan, can be very beautiful.

Oriental rugs usually hand entangled and loving work ensures that they are extremely durable. A handmade rug may last half a century longer than the machine.

With machine-made carpets, there is no unit involved in the production process. Instead, carpet fibers are machine laid and held in place with a latex carrier. So the bottom of the carpet is rough.

Generally, a handmade Oriental rug is more expensive than a machine-made one but in the long run, the former is more cost-effective because of their long-lasting strength.