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Learn All About Used Isuzu Cars

MU-X is a seven big seater Isuzu SUV. MU-X ride head-to-head with some famous rivals but has a trump card price – underestimating most rivals by some good lakh. MU-X received a mild update in 2018 and was offered in the form of diesel-auto, with the four-wheeled four-wheel drive offered. Isuzu Mu-X has a strong SUV.

Likewise, the neat cabin also does not have the taste you get in a rival SUV. On the plus side, MU-X high set cabin offers a good view, there is plenty of space in the middle row and even the third line is comfortable and can be used. You can buy second-hand automobiles from Isuzus anywhere.

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Assessed against rival engine, 177hp Isuzu MU-X, 3.0-liter, a four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine appeared as noisy and lacking punch. The 5-speed automatic gearbox can also feel hesitant sometimes. What also works against MU-X is a heavy steering and shake, up high-speed.

MU-X is offered in one single trim, and the actual choice is between the rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. Both versions do have the same set of features and are equipped with six airbags, ESC and the help of the hill-start. Leather chairs, power-powered driver seat adjustments and cruise ship control are some of the other features on the ship.

MU-X does not miss some items such as headlights and wipers and even bits such as the basic touch screen infotainment system make it feel peeled compared to the pricier rival.