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More Safety in Your Home with Fire Sprinklers

Imagine, every 90 seconds, someone's house is burning down and without a doubt, the house does not have a good sprinkler system installed. And what's even more shocking about this fact (besides the fact that homes were built without sprinklers?) is that 8 out of 10 fires in the United States result in death. 

Strange that Americans feel safe in their homes, right? Without a proper sprinkler system installed in your home, not a single member of your family is safe!

What do we even need?

In addition to sprinklers, things like escape plans, fire drills, and working smoke alarms are just as important to the safety of families. Sprinklers and other types of fire safety measures help families flee burning homes or provide fire warnings to nearby residents. Having sprinklers and smoke alarms in the home reduces the potential death percentage by 50%. Get to know more about the fire sprinkler method by browsing the internet.

No incentive from the government to install sprinklers

The government hasn't required sprinkler systems to be installed in every home since the beginning of the '80s, but the fact is, even though only 2% of households in the U.S. have fire extinguishers in their homes. Saving Capabilities of a Good Sprinkler System!

Why aren't more people buying and installing fire sprinklers then?

So, why aren't more people installing sprinklers in their homes that could save lives? We can blame low consumer and homebuilder awareness for this problem as there is an alarming shortage of qualified fire sprinkler installers in the country, plus the cost of installing sprinkler systems in the home is quite high.