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Public Vs Private Cloud for Business

When it comes to business, few things are as misunderstood as the cloud. The main problem, which appears to be a general lack of knowledge, is that many professionals view the cloud as a single product, so you can get complete information from the cloud industry on serious cloud bug reports.

Public cloud

Public cloud services, including storage, applications, email, and other on-demand resources, are made available to the general public by service providers. Anyone with an internet connection can access this cloud service anytime, anywhere.

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For home use, the public cloud is more than adequate as most people need more than just a daily email service and maybe a few GB (gigabytes) of storage space. However, for businesses and organizations that depend on access to data and services, the slightest visit can be devastating.

Private cloud

Private cloud services are fundamentally different from public services. Typically, as opposed to the general public, private cloud infrastructure is designed and delivered to the company on order, managed either internally or by the cloud service provider. 

With managed cloud services, organizations can use a variety of virtual business applications: including Data management; hosted IP phones (voice); Server hosting; and Software as a Service (SaaS), which covers everything from accounting and email software to database software and virtual desktops.