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Rent Cycle Boat For Amazing Sightseeing In St Augustine

Renting a cycle boat for children, families, and friends can not get enough of the special experience! Pedaling is optional rather than mandatory, so we've got an engine service for you! Pedal as tough or as easy as you need, accordingly! 

Reserve your tour now with our regional captains and see why we're rated so highly as among the ideal vessel tours at St Augustine has to offer you! Hire our OLD TOWN ‘CYCLE’ BOAT CRUISE according to your party's needs.


Sit back and relax as you use your toes to pedal you get through the water! Our pedal boat rentals pose a special chance to enjoy some fun in sunlight and also on the water whilst at the same time engaging your muscles for a complete body workout! 

Our ships are designed to be easy to understand to use and don't want any experience at least. Therefore, if you're a specialist about the water or it's the first time getting your toes wet out there, then you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

The Paddleboat trip around our beautiful lake surrounded by a luscious green canopy is likely to please adults, kids, and seniors alike. For security, everybody is requested to put on a vest. The very best method to find the ideal location is by the water and this cycle boat rental allows you to explore at your own pace. 

The easy-to-steer pedal ships have space for 2, which means that you can pedal your way around the bay, pausing to admire the scenery and take photographs as frequently as you would like. On the way, consider wildlife such as dolphins and manatees.