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Speed Up Business Transformation

Once you're focused on something you truly want then it's time to brainstorm. Whip out a sheet of paper and come up with answers for each of the following questions.

  1. Why do I want this?
  2. How would it impact my world?
  3. How can I make this super easy?
  4. Who could support me in making this happen?
  5. Which inspired actions would get this into motion immediately?

If you want to kick-start your business transformation, take one small step today. Small! This is to increase your mojo and to create momentum. You can also choose transformational leadership course online.

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At this point, you're either going to be totally fired up to win this game or your old habits and stories will want to pull you back into the same ole B.S. Check in with yourself and if you're not feeling like a Business Owner who can pull this off.

Go look in the mirror with your fiercest face and say, "OH, HELL YES, I CAN DO THIS!" Then laugh about how silly you feel by doing this. Then laugh even more about how crazy it was to act like you are powerless. 

It's important to keep the focus on the end game and repeat, "YES I CAN"! Prove to yourself you can. Of course, you can! You could never have a desire enter your brain unless you have the resources to pull it off.