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7 Tips To Really Make Money With Amazon Flex

While Amazon says drivers make between $ 18-2 but it's more than that. Keep in mind that these figures are before taxes and fees. So, when you get into oil changes, account fuel, and other maintenance expenses, these amounts can be much reduced.

If you want to really make money as a driver Amazon Flex you can find tips on various sites like Rideshare Dashboard or you may follow these best practices:

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Log every mile you drive-Do you keep a paper notebook in your car or use the app.

Keep track of car maintenance-Save your receipts every time you fuel or oil change, brakes, transmission fluids, lights, wipers, etc. These costs can be deducted at tax time.

Arrange vehicle-When you receive your package, they will have a manifest attached, which allows you to cluster your shipment. Keep your pack organized.

Use larger vehicles-If you have access to larger vehicles such as SUVs, you have the ability to take more packages for your delivery area. As your shipment is generally concentrated in certain areas, the distance is not important because the passenger shipping services, so efficiency is not reduced as much mileage out of an issue.

Avoid undelivered packets-If you can not deliver the package, you have to drive back to the station, which takes time. Do anything to prevent theft by leaving the package delivery in a more secure location. 

Dressed for money-When it comes to making additional tips, it's all in the presentation. Wear clean clothes that fit. Comb your hair. Think about who you want to walk to the door and hand you a burrito, an electric razor, or organic products.

Know the region-even if you do not live in an area that you give the package, the best thing you can do to improve your efficiency is to know in the area and out.