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All About Control Arm Bushing

The control arm bushing is a piece of metal or plastic that connects the control arm to the steering knuckle. The bushings provide an area for grease to collect and prevent the steering wheel from turning without the use of force. 

This allows the ball joint to rotate smoothly and the steering wheel mechanism to turn with ease. If you are experiencing a problem where you feel like your steering wheel is not turning smoothly, it could be caused by a worn out control arm bushing.

Control arm bushings are small pieces of metal or plastic that are located between the control arm and the suspension strut. They help to distribute the load evenly across the suspension and prevent excessive wear on the suspension components.

When replacing a control arm bushing, it is important to replace the same type of bushing in both the front and rear suspension arms. This will ensure that the suspension is balanced and operates smoothly.

A control arm bushing is a device that helps to keep the control arm from twisting. Control arm bushings are usually made of rubber or plastic and are pressed into the control arm by the suspension assembly. When the suspension assembly moves, the bushing stays in place and doesn't move along with the control arm.