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Be the Envy of All Your Friends – Buy a Robotic Lawn Mower in Australia

An intelligent robotic lawn mower is, just as the name suggests, an answering back robot that you can just program to your satisfaction, by pressing a few buttons, before sitting down and watching your programmed slave, carry out your given instructions to the letter. You can find the best robotic lawn mowers available in Australia (2020 Update) via an online search.

You do not even have to sit and act as an overseer to it. Providing there is no interference and any outside intervention, our pre-programmed friend will also obey your every command in your absence. 

robot lawn mower

You don't even have to pick it up and carry it to its charger for an electrical top-up. As long as it has a perimeter wire to give it a little guidance, it will do all this, and more, entirely off its own bat and without so much as a snap of your fingers.

Some advantages they have over petrol type mowers:

1. They run entirely on batteries, so you don't have to supply them with petrol or oil: maybe, a little grease on a couple of moving parts.

2. Apart from the occasional replacement of the blades, they are pretty much maintenance-free.

3. They are waterproof and therefore they don't rust.

4. Less expensive than some of your heavy-duty regular lawnmowers.

5. Robotic lawn mowers are still something of a novelty and will keep your neighbors (and their dog) entertained for hours.

6., Unlike most lawn mowers, the robotic lawn mower runs very quietly.

How they find their way around.

A special perimeter wire is placed around the area to be mowed. It can be buried, usually up to a depth of about two inches. The wire acts as a boundary to the robotic mower. 

When the mower detects the wire it will simply do an about-turn and trundle off in another direction. If the mower overshoots the boundary, or, for any reason, suddenly finds itself in an area where it's not supposed to be, such as, in the neighbor's flowerbed, or even worse, in yours, then, it should immediately shutdown.