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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home-Based Paradise.

When your home begins to feel more like a prison than a sanctuary, it is time to make some changes. This doesn’t have to be done through getting a trade qualification or become a renovation expert, but some strategic changes will transform your home. Remember to keep your approach simple and not to take on more than you are capable of. Stretch your mind and your ability without compromising yourself or your home and you will be off to a flying start. 

room with roller blinds

To start, look at soft furnishings, lighting, decoration and window treatments.

Soft Furnishings

Start by looking at the couches or chairs you have. Depending on how long you have had them, it is possible that they are due for a bit of a refresh. This can be done by completely reupholstering them or trimming them. Trimming will be a less costly approach and can be updated again with a lesser cost, both financially and time-wise. If you are handy, you can consider making covers or cushions yourself. Alternatively, seek out your local supplier and get some scatter cushions or couch covers. 

room with couches

The Light is Right

Lighting is a strong contributor to the look and feel of a room and home. Poor lighting will contribute to dark and gloomy appearances, whilst bright (especially natural) light will allow rooms to feel more open and cheerful. Light covers can be easily swapped out without the need for a qualified electrician. If you need to increase light you may need to change the entire fitting which may need a qualified tradesperson. Light fixtures can be obtained from your local hardware or lighting store. 


Books and artwork add structure and appeal to spaces. Thrift shops can be a relatively cost-effective place to obtain books, particularly if their purpose is decoration rather than to be read. Displaying these can be done with some shelves, either wall-mounted or free-standing. Some creativity can assist in displaying books and trinkets in a colourful or artistic manner. This will add some flow and pizazz to the area. 

book shelf


Blinds may seem like a trivial concept, however, they have the ability to transform a room. These can be coloured, patterned, or plain. The right blinds will open up and add more style to a room. Roller blinds, when the right kind and installed correctly, allow the right amount of light into a room. Types of roller blinds are sheer (for entertaining or social rooms), blockout (for bedrooms or theatre rooms) and dual (for when you want to be able to have either light or dark at the drop of a hat while being able to maintain privacy). Select the style that best speaks about you and the environment you want to create. 

image of roller blinds


Soft furnishings, lighting, decorations and window treatments can go a long way to creating the look and feel of a home. A bit of effort can use the above to create that home-based paradise. Some new light fittings will brighten any room. New couch covers or scatter cushions will add comfort and colour. Books and nic nacks will add some personality to a room. Roller blinds will open up while maintaining privacy in all rooms.