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Keeping A Marijuana Mother

If you have to take more than one generation of clones while waiting for flowering, make sure that your choice mothers have at least three weeks of vegetables before taking the cuttings away.

Remember, if you run a larger operation that requires a high clone volume, just take some clones from the chosen mother and develop this to make many mothers.

They all will be genetically identical. However, one maternal plant is usually adequate for most of the private grow.  You can also opt for clones for sale San Jose at Mendo Bros.

After you believe that the mother is rooted well and becomes a full vegetative growth, you have to emit it. Many farmers like to put mom in a large pan and let their vegetables become bush; give a lot of cuttings whenever they are needed.

This is an effective system, but requires space. It is possible to make 'bonsai' mother who will give you a few dozen cuttings every two to three weeks, depending on your own individual lighting and eating settings.

How long can I take care of my mother's plants?

How long is a string? Technically it is possible to keep the plant marijuana plant forever, if you continue to give him the right lighting and nutrients. There are many stories about maternal plants that are still producing after 20 years or more.