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Choose The Best Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pad has two important functions. It can make you comfortably lying on the hard, uneven ground. It plays a role of the isolation layer between you and the ground.

Well, how do they work?

In terms of the principle of isolation insulation, sleeping mats, sleeping bags and warm clothing is the same: Between our bodies and the cold external environment, they are firmly catching some air and make them do not flow, our bodies will slowly heating the air, this way, they become our isolation barrier. You can find best sleeping mat at

Choosing the Right Sleeping Pad for Camping Comfort - Camping ...

Sleeping mats isolation effect to a large extent depends on how much air can retain and freedom of the air. The following is a selection of sleeping pads several main factors:

  • Insulation effect
  • Degree of comfort
  • Weight and volume
  • Durable extent

Pen-cell foam material mat is comfort, light weight, and not expensive. The tiny open pores restrict air circulation, so it has good isolation insulation. But open-cell foam material will absorbs moisture and water, in a wet environment is easy to cause trouble.

Closed-cell foam material mat is cheap, durable, and isolation thermal effect is excellent. Moreover, this mat does not absorb moisture and water. But they relatively are more rigid and its cushioning effect is not better than the open cell foam.