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Prolong Your Car Engine’s Life With Regular Oil Checks

Cars can be a costly investment. Many of us will depend on our vehicles for many years. Although cars are made to last, it is important to maintain them. To pass driving tests, and to avoid a large repair bill if the car is damaged over time, there are a few maintenance tasks we need to be familiar with.

Regular oil changes are a must for any car. It is vital to make sure your engine runs smoothly and is properly lubricated. Low oil levels can cause a car's engine to make a louder, rattling, or grating sound. This can lead to costly replacements. You can buy every car spare parts online very easily with a home delivery service.

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First, you need to know how to check the oil level. This is done using a dipstick that can be found inside your engine bay. To ensure a correct reading, remove the dipstick and wipe off any oil residue. Replace the dipstick completely and then take it out. You should see the oil level between the minimum and maximum levels. If not, you will need to add oil immediately.

It is crucial to know what type of oil your vehicle needs to keep it running smoothly. This information can be found in your vehicle manual or you can enter your registration plate online to find out from commercial oil companies.

After you have purchased the right oil for your vehicle, remove the cap and pour it in. You may need a funnel to prevent oil from leaking. To keep your engine bay clean, wipe it off with a kitchen roll or a cloth. You should only pour a small amount at a time. 

Make sure to regularly check the oil level. It can take some time for the oil to settle in some cars so you might need to return later to check the levels. To ensure that the readings are not obscured, it is a good idea for the car to be parked on a flat surface.